Unusual properties can be difficult to value as the use may be very specific to individuals or organizations. Valuations can be done on any urban or rural property throughout Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan using a variety of approaches. These types of valuations are quite in-depth and will be done by one of our specialists in that property type. These properties include, but are not limited to:

Gas Stations  /  Hotels  /  Mobile Home Parks  /  Colony and Communal Assets (such as Hutterite Colonies)  /  Golf Courses  /  Lodges  /  Resorts  /  Municipal and Government Properties  /  Land and Subdivision Development

Specialty and Unique Valuation Purposes

Pre-Listing and Pre-Sale Appraisals:
An objective and independent appraisal provides vendors, purchasers, and realtors with real estate value certainty. Everyone involved in the real estate transaction can have peace of mind knowing that fair market value has been established by an appraiser who is a member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Mortgage Financing:
Obtaining a loan to assist your real estate purchase or renovation requires your financial partner to make lending decisions. The value of the real estate has an important role in whether the loan can be approved, the terms of approval, and the pricing. An informed decision to obtain an appraisal report helps both parties work together by bringing certainty to the property value.

Estate Appraisals:
For specialty and unique properties in Manitoba, the courts rely on AACI appraisal reports to assist in making the important decisions needed to settle the estate. We complete these assignments for both individuals and law firms.

Divorce Settlement:
In most divorce cases, the court won’t force the parties involved to “buyout” the other party’s interest, however they may order the sale of the home so each party gets an equal share of the equity. Regardless of the situation, it’s a good idea to order an appraisal so both parties are fully aware of what the current market value is.