In addition to, or instead of valuations, we can provide the data you require or the summary of information to make the right decision for you or your organization.

Types of Studies

Market Rent Analysis
We evaluate a variety of factors including, but not limited to, location, comparable units, and square footage to determine the rate that you should be charging tenants for your rental property.

Condo Reserve Studies
Condominium corporations in Manitoba are required to have a Reserve Fund Study completed. Our team uses our extensive property valuation knowledge to prepare these complex financial documents for clients.

Site Selection Analysis
We evaluate factors such as availability timelines, cost, accessibility, government restrictions, taxes, and the community surrounding potential sites to determine the location that best suits your needs.

Municipal Development Assistance
Our expertise in rural and urban subdivisions allows us to provide a variety of valuation scenarios for both financing and marketing purposes.

Custom Studies
We offer numerous other custom studies and analysis’ which are flexible to the individual needs and requirements of our clients. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.