Model of a shed. In front of the shed there are a number of coins stacked on top of each other.

Jargon and Definitions

A few examples of common jargon and language used within our firm.

Inside of a relatively empty industrial building.

Appraisal 101

Why get an appraisal? And what does getting an appraisal look like?

Backyard garden outside house. There is some stone, a small wooden deck area, greenery, and a few chairs.

Helpful Links

Links to information about appraisals, property assessments and appeals, and Manitoba Hydro.

Close-up shot of someone's hand holding a key. There is house in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to real estate appraisals, property management, real property consulting, and more.

Two people are working on drawing blueprints. There are some model houses sitting on top of the blueprints.

Appraisal Myths

A list of common myths in the appraisal world, and the true reality associated with myths.