Myron Dyck - Partner

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Office: 855-371-5833 ext 217
Mobile: 204-371-6001

Academic Background
Graduate of the SRSS – Math/Science Major – Honors/Laureate
Bachelor of Religious Education, Honors : Providence University - Otterburne, Manitoba

Employment History
2014-Current: Red River Group-Partner
2012-2013: Red River Group-Associate
1997-2012: Partner - Schroeder Freight Inc.
1983-1997 : Produce Management – Sobeys – Manitoba & Northern Alberta

Professional Experience/Background
Myron has worked in a number of management, logistics, sales, and customer service roles. He has spent time working in the grocery business and most recently in the transportation industry. He and his business partner built a trucking company from one truck and trailer in 1997 to over 60 trucks and 100 plus trailers in 2012.  This growth resulted in the business moving from a home office to a brand new 25 acre terminal in just ten years.  
Myron was elected to the Niverville Town Council in 2004 where he served as town councillor until stepping down to focus his energy on his business.  Missing the opportunity to serve his community he returned to Council in 2010 and was elected as Mayor of Niverville in fall 2014.
Myron joined Red River Group in the spring of 2012 and is currently working towards his CRA designation.

Area and Specialties
Myron works primarily with point-in-time residential appraisals specializing in rural marketplaces for financial institutions as well as corporations and individuals.  He performs work in the Red River Valley area of Southern Manitoba including St Adolphe, Morris, Letellier, Altona as well as many points in between. 

Personal History
Myron resides in Niverville with his two sons.  In his spare time he enjoys umpiring fastball, reading, and a cup of coffee with friends.